Fire Strength Calculator

class pyfume.FireStrengthCalculator.FireStrengthCalculator(antecedent_parameters, nr_clus, variable_names, fuzzy_sets_to_drop=None, **kwargs)

Bases: object

Creates a new fire strength calculator object.

  • antecedent_parameters – The parameters of the antecedent sets of the fuzzy model as given as output

  • pyFUME's AntecedentEstimator clas (format (by) – shape of the mf, parameters).

  • nr_clus – Number of clusters in the data.

  • variable_names – Names of the variables.

  • = Fuzzy sets identified by GRsABS to be dropped from the model (fuzzy_sets_to_drop) –

  • **kwargs – Additional arguments to change settings of the fuzzy model.


Calculates the firing strength per rule of the fuzzy model given a data set.


data – The data of which the firing strengths per rule should be calculated.


data point index, column: rule/cluster number).

Return type

The firing strengths per rule per data point (rows