Data Loader

class pyfume.LoadData.DataLoader(datapath=None, dataframe=None, process_categorical=False, variable_names=None, normalize=False, delimiter=',', verbose=True)

Bases: object

Creates an object that loads data from csv files and normalizes this data if requested.

  • datapath – The path to where the CSV file can be found. The data should be delimited using commas.

  • dataframe – Data can be loaded by the user and specified as a dataframe. If a dataframe is specified, the datapath is automatically ignored.

  • variable_names – If the CSV file does not contain the variable names, the user can specify them here. If this argument is not specified, the variable names are read from the first line of the CSV file (default = None).

  • normalize – If switch on, the data will be normalized. The user can choose between ‘minmax’ or ‘zscore’ normalization (default = False).

  • delimiter – Specify the symbol used to separate data in the dataset (default = ‘,’).

  • verbose – Enable verbose mode (default = True).